Saturday, March 19, 2011

Focus Stacking

Even though I have posted Pixie Cup images before, I wanted to share another as this is my first result of using StackShot hardware and Zerene Stacker software. The above image is a composite of 14 separate pictures taken at f/4. Stack Shot is a motor driven mechanism that sequentially moves the camera closer (or farther - your choice) to the subject, thus allowing the images to capture a deep in-focus area. Zerene software then blends the images into a composite that results in a depth of field that can't be obtained otherwise.

Here is another "focus-stacking" example that is comprised of 20 images of a 3" long twig viewed end-on.

Here is one of the 20 images:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yellow Coral Mushroom, Clavulinopsis corniculata

This picture shows a small portion of a 3-foot diameter Douglas Fir stump that for the last 18 years has had nothing much growing on it. About 3 years ago the bark fell to the ground and a few weeks ago I noticed these 1" high coral mushrooms sprouting from the trunk.