Saturday, July 20, 2013

Spreading stonecrop, Sedum divergens

These flowers were found growing out of a dry, rocky outcropping at Lucia Falls County Park in SW Washington.

Trail Plant or Pathfinder, Adenocaulon bicolor

Growing along a path at Moulton Falls County Park in SW Washington, these native flowers are easy to miss since they are quite small.  The "bicolor" in the botanical name for this plant is due to the green front side and silvery back side of the leaves.

I folded a leaf up so you can see the green front-side and silvery back-side of the leaves

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lewis's mock-range, Philadelphus lewisii

With the sun going down, I had to take a relatively long exposure which didn't help with the sharpness of this photo as there was also a small breeze that kept everything in motion.  Anyway, I have walked all over Moulton Falls Park and can only find this one mock-orange plant in the area and it is an absolute tangle of small branches growing in a steep canyon.  It is a native perennial.

Western Boykinia, Boykinia occidetntalis

Here is another native, perennial resident of a year-round seep upstream of Moulton Falls on the East Fork of the Lewis River in SW Washington.