Sunday, April 22, 2012

Small-Flowered Trillium, Trillium parviflorum

This species of Trillium, growing near Lucia Falls on the East Fork of the Lewis River in SW Washington, is not nearly as common as Trillium ovatum (see April 8, 2012 blog entry)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

WesternTrillium, Trillium ovatum

This clump of Trilliums is annoyingly right in the pathway next to the creek on our property but the flowers make it worthwhile.
4-11-15 update:
Several years ago, this plant had just a single stock, but this year it really expanded-

Beaver 1, Alder 0

The game isn't over yet, but it would appear that the days are numbered for this 12" diameter, Red Alder, Alnus rubra.

White Fawn Lily, Erythronium oregonum

I think that this lily, growing on a moist rock outcropping, is the epitome of grace.

I went back on 4-22-2012 and they were in full bloom: