Sunday, February 8, 2009

Licorice Fern, Polypodium glycyrrhiza

Growing out of a clump of moss on a Maple tree, this fern has rhizomes that taste just like the name says.
The vertical rocks, shown here above Lucia Falls on the East Fork of the Lewis River in SW Washington, are no problem for this rather tenacious fern.

For some reason, the Licorice Ferns decided to take over this particular rock.

Spores on underside of frond


Owlman said...

I've never tasted any fern and love the flavor of licorice. Your photos make me "homesick". We miss the river and our friends.

metasequoia said...

Well, I can certainly understand why you miss the Pacific NW - your very nice house is located on a slice of heaven as far as I am concerned.

Owlman said...

Maybe I could talk you in to being our agent to help sell that "slice of heaven"?

Robin said...

Hi there! Just browsing through. One bit of advice for those wanting to try this tea stock: the rhizomes must be thoroughly _dried_ before they taste like (slightly nutty) licorice. Tea made from green ones is very bitter and unpleasant.

Great photos!

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