Sunday, April 20, 2014

Vanilla Leaf, Achlys triphylla

Late afternoon sunshine really lit up this plant- I hope to find plants with flowers later in the season.  Dried leaves have a vanilla-like fragrance.

4-23-2014 update:  picture of an immature flower.  I didn't know until I took this picture that the flowers are on a separate stem from the main plant.

5-5-2014 update 1:

5-5-2014 Update 2:

5-30-14 update:
4-11-15 update:
Growing near the top of Bells Mountain in SW Washington, these plants are just starting to emerge for another season.

5-1-2017 update:
Same location as above location but the leaves are slightly more mature.  It is interesting to note that all three leaves are folded up into one 'fan' and will be unfurling in the next week or so.

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